Translation in Transition

Speaker: Christelle Maignan


Change is the only constant. How can we manage it?

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Translators often speak of machine translation with doom in their voices. How concerned do we need to be? How can we adapt in a market that increasingly relies on technology?

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CAT, machine translation, and crowd-sourcing are here. Are you ready?

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Speaker: Christelle Maignan

Christelle Maignan has a master’s degree in European language and intercultural studies and a post-graduate diploma in translation. She has been working as an English>French translator for over 15 years (freelancing since 2004). She specialized in information technology for many years before finding her true passion in coaching-related topics. She is also a qualified Personal Performance and Small Business Coach and the founder of Coaching for Translators. She offers training to translators and interpreters via her talks, blog, online courses, and one-on-one coaching sessions. She is a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and of the International Coach Federation.

Join us on Thursday,  May 4th and get ahead of the competition by making sure your business is ready to weather this rapidly changing industry.

Thurs., May 4  - 9 AM PDT

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